Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Catching Up

My mom always told me I couldn't work and talk at the same time.   Apparently that's true.  I've been a mite busy as we all have been, and I haven't posted a lick this summer!  So, it's time to sit down and let you all know what's going on here, because there's some exciting things happening.

The latest and greatest happening is that we are now offering our pies, and some of our other products, at West Side Dairy!  The timing on this is great, as the market season is winding down, and the holiday season is just beginning.  West Side Dairy - previously known as Journey Cafe - is a locally owned restaurant on the west side of Owosso, MI.  Our products are available to order, or you can stop in to have a slice of genuine Talking Berry Farm pie and pick up our stocked jams and syrups.  Order information for all your holiday baking will be available at West Side Dairy as well as Downtown Owosso Farmers Market.  We're still working toward mail orders, we'll update our order information as soon as this option is available.
West Side Dairy, Owosso, MI

As always, making sure our products are top quality is a priority for us, and we've spent much of our summer to this end.  We harvested many berries from our own farm, and picked and purchased locally grown fruit from farms around Michigan.  All of our Raspberries, Blueberries, Cherries, Currants, Strawberries, Mulberries, Blackberries, Black Raspberries, Apples, Plums and Rhubarb that we use in our recipes are Michigan grown on our farm or on other Michigan farms.  We've spent hours out in the fields picking fresh, ripe fruit so that we can produce the best tasting products.  And we keep adding to our product line!  I have had a fun summer of recipe trials and many, many tastings to come up with some new, great tasting jams, syrups, and pastries.  I try to keep the ingredients simple, and the taste remarkable.
Simple Ingredients
Orange, Rhubarb and Blackberry Marmalade
Inspired by Summer - Citrus and Berry Angel Food Cake

 I am always working on new recipes, so stay posted for even more new flavors.

We're looking forward to a great fall and seeing what the next season holds.

-Ruth- The Talking Berry Baker

Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring has Sprung!

Beautiful, sunny spring.  I feel like this plant, just soaking in the sunshine!
Everything is growing!!  The warmth of the sunshine has finally won the victory over winter's chilly reign, and everything rejoices!  Birds sing, plants sprout, animals stretch out to soak up the warmth.  People smile and greet each other with cheer again.  Color comes back to the pale landscapes.  Ahhh, spring...

For a farmer, spring is like the sound of a starter pistol.  As winter draws to an end, we're ready...waiting...envisioning how we're going to win the sprint of spring.  We watch the snow melt.  The ground begins to thaw as the sun slowly gains heat.  And suddenly we're off.  It's a race to ready the fields, plant the new crops, and outsmart the rain.  Rain is the mental challenger.  It's like the stack of chance cards in Monopoly that advances you to go and you collect $200, or sends you directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.  Timing of the rain can make or break planting season, and determines when to plant, how well the plants grow and if they dry out or drown.  Then lambing hits and the flock increases daily.  Checking ewes and lambs is a constant task.  Then as quickly as it started, lambing is done, and planting is over.  The sprint of spring changes to a marathon of summer - a marathon that lasts until frost.  Weeding, pruning, rotating sheep, farmer's markets, keeping equipment running, harvesting, and preserving the bounty.

Here are some pictures from the start of our season.  We're off and running!

Even though it's been a dry spring, there's always mud somewhere.  Gotta love our work truck.

All the equipment needs going over after hibernating for the winter.

Starting the process of making more beds for our berry plants this year.
What in this picture doesn't belong??  Right...the low rider Scion in the background.  We surprised ourselves with this choice, but it's great for mileage, kids, and farmer's markets, not to mention it's a fun little 5 speed to drive!
One of our lambs from this year.

Ewe with her lambs.

Mr. Ram.

Berry plants starting to grow.

Getting ready for Downtown Owosso Farmer's Market - fresh baked bread.

Market Pies - berry delicious!

Always something to celebrate!
Celebrating a family birthday with our delicious chocolate layer cake made from scratch.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Well, time is flying and before you know it, planting will be taking over the spotlight on our farm.  But before that happens, here's a few more peeks at the life of a puppy at The Talking Berry Farm.

Hanging out in the hay pile with the chickens.
Anatolians are known for mimicking the animals they are protecting, and this pup is doing a good job scratching around with the chickens.  He likes to find bugs, too!

 Meal Time

Khan with a pup - he's very good with the pups.  Eventually he gets his fill and goes to the other side of the property for some "me time".

Turk making sure the chickens don't steal the pups food.  
After the puppies have finished, she takes her turn to eat.

After eating, it's time to relax and play a bit.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Puppy Fun! 5 Weeks Old

It's hard to keep up with these fast growing puppies!  Already they are 5 weeks and roaming around the yard, making friends with the chickens, sheep and, of course, our kids.  Here's some fun pictures of the fast growing and furry future guardians.

This was their 10pm feeding before bed.  Doesn't seem like they are too tired!  

And, yes, that is a real hen despite the fact that she's still as a statue.  I think I startled her.  She sleeps with the puppies.  I guess she decided it was more luxurious than the chicken coop.  The puppies like her and will sometimes cuddle up under her when she lets them.

Some would rather play with their food than eat it.
Curious "Miss Martin" checking out their dinner.

And finally it's time to settle down with their full bellies.

Playing outside with the kids while I tried to get pictures...

Already looking like a guardian.

Small, but attentive.

"Let's check that out..."

Dancing Pup

Already looking like an adult, resting quietly while keeping watch.

And this is why their collars keep changing!

A better idea.

"Photo shoots are boring."

Boy and Pup - eye to eye.

Curious about the camera


Working on those teeth.

Cute stuff

Worn out after the mornings work of taking some pictures.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Updated Puppy Pictures - 3 weeks

Our puppies are growing fast, and getting more adventurous everyday.  Their little eyes are partly open now, and they are getting more and more interested in life.  Here's some more pictures taken at 3 weeks old.  You may notice some of their collars have changed.  They chew them off sometimes and have to be replaced, so be sure you check their "names" rather than collars for identification.  They are pictured in the same order as the 10 day pictures.


"Vader" - Sale Pending






"Miss James" - Sale Pending

"Miss John"

"Miss Martin"

"Zelda" - Sale Pending

"Miss James K"